1. I am not a student of Engineering, Management or Technical stream, can I still attend the courses offered by Yuvalay?

Yuvalay is open for all final year and pre-final year students. You may belong to Commerce, Arts or Science stream, still you can be very well part of Yuvalay.

2. I need to attend my classes during day time. Are timings of classes are flexible?

Keeping the same in mind, we have scheduled the programs in evening hours only. Moreover, the location of Yuvalay is quite transport or travel friendly having better connectivity.

3. It seems quite impressive and inspiring. Are there any charges to avail the service of Yuvalay?

Yuvalay is committed for youth like you to prepare for tomorrow's challenges. To make it more valuable for attendees and to identify genuine beneficiaries, we charge nominal fees for the programs. In extremely needy students, it might be returned based on your intentions. We do not charge any fees for using our reading room or availing library or attending counselling session.

4. Do we get any certificate by attending the programs at Yuvalay?

Answer is we do and we don't. It depends on programs contents and length. Usually for a program which is of more than 5-days or 10 hours, we do offer.

5. The course list is quite relevant and appealing, I do have few courses and topics in my mind, can Yuvalay organize the programs on it?

The contents of the programs are driven by needs of youth. If you want to suggest the courses or topics, we would love to hear from you. We would review and would attempt to introduce.

6. Does Yuvalay provide information on job or placement?

Honestly telling, we are not a placement agency. We enable and empower you to bring your potential to the best. We groom the youth so you can step well into entrepreneurship, higher education or corporate world.

7. Can you conduct the programs at your school or college campus?

Certainly yes, if there are more than 20 students who are interested in attending such programs. We can organize at your doorstep so you can benefit well.

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