One to one counselling


The Objective/Purpose of providing Counselling services is to help students reach their personal and educational goals and tap their untapped potential. We are committed to working closely with parents and teachers to support students’ mental health and academic success.

Why and What is Counselling?

Supporting educational goals and the mental health wellness of our students is the primary focus of our society. Teenagers and young adults aged 15-24 experience the highest incidence of mental illness than any age group in any country. Thus, comprehensive, strengths-based, student-centered and supportive programs are required to address this issue.

Counselling is just one of the many ways of helping people to solve their own emotional, personal or interpersonal problems. It involves the exploration of problems in a supportive & objective environment, thus helping the student to question the way they look at things, situations & how they react to situations or people around. It also aims at helping them develop new strategies for dealing with their problems. Counselling also involves the identification of alternative courses of action that might solve a problem. Proven strategies are often suggested for managing and altering patterns of inappropriate thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Counselling is not giving advice or solving student’s problems for them, as its believed that the individual has all the resources to overcome his/her problem.

Who needs Counselling?

There are numerous concerns for which students seek counselling. These include anger, anxiety, assertiveness, bereavement, body image, childhood physical, emotional or sexual abuse, depression, family problems, identity crisis, loneliness, loss of motivation, mental health issues, problems with food , procrastination, relationship problems, low self-esteem, test anxiety, smoking problems etc.

Services Offered

Services include Brief time-limited individual and Group therapy, Skill Building Workshops and Career consultation. Individual therapy appointments may last for 45-60 minutes, while Group therapy may run for 80-100 minutes, and Workshops run for more than 60 minutes.

About the Counselor

Mr. Sumit Ghosal is one of the most widely acknowledged Clinical Psychologist & Medical Hypnotherapist. He has more than a decade of experience of dealing with students and has been conducting stress management and self development training programs since many years. He is known for employing solution focused therapies and drawing upon a wide range of training and experiences in the field of psychotherapy for the betterment of the students.

Days and Timings

Days: Every Saturday
Timings: 3:00 to 5: 30 pm
Appointments: Prior appointment is a must. Write to us at

Fee Structure

Our Counselling and consultation services are provided without any charge.

If we are able to impact and change lives of students and people around – That is our largest payback and we will continue to strive for it.

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