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Design Thinking Workshop

Sunday 16 June 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Details
    Mindset and Approach for Problem Solving and Innovation
  • For
    College students and youth are welcome.
  • Faculty
    Krunal Shah (Leadership Coach, Story Teller)
  • Venue
    Yuvalay seminar hall
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YuvaConnect - Issue 12 new

YuvaConnect Issue 12 , themed "The Voices of Tomorrow," showcases a vibrant celebration of youth empowerment and innovative ideas, highlighting the immense potential for positive change.
This issue invites readers to engage with inspiring stories and perspectives that illuminate the path forward for future generations.
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Sharing the Learning : Ratan Tata - Ratan of India

People generally tend to get fascinated when they hear the name of big people like Mr. Ratan Tata, who made the significant difference in the status quo. They fail on learning and understanding on area of 'how', 'why' and with 'what' efforts Mr. Ratan Tata is 'Ratna' today. So, it becomes necessary to know about the journey of those who we admire and respect the most.

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Students Speak

Before 7 months along with my academic I started attending seminars at Yuvalay on various useful soft skill topics. Before this great experience at Yuvalay I was just gathering information and materials, but now with the help of YUVALAY's efforts I am able to channelize my work and life to the optimum level. After attending all programs I learnt a lot and realized many aspects of my real life, such as, I started responding instead of reacting to the situations, developed learning attitude and started seeing the world from potential and positive side. Thanks a lot to YUVALAY and H T Patel sir for the divine effort for welfare of society and Sir, I will cherish this great experience at YUVALAY throughout my life.

Jasmin Korant, Student of Social Work Faculty,MSU

An excellent place to enhance your skills and even enhance yourself as a person, as what you are and how to develop yourself in every aspect... A perfect place to learn and Trust me U'll enjoy each and every session...

Juhi Bhandari B E (Computer Engineering)

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Maker Fest Vadodara 2024new

Next edition of the most popular event - Maker Fest Vadodara is scheduled on 3rd and 4th February 2024.
Look for details and updates on www.makerfestvadodara.com

YuvaConnect - quarterly magazine of Yuvalaynew

Step into a reading journey of limitless inspiration and innovation as we release YuvaConnect Issue 11, where creativity knows no bounds. ECLIPSING LIMITS takes the center stage with groundbreaking stories, ideas, and perspectives that push the boundaries of what's possible. Happy Reading!

Here are the first issue, second issue, third issue, fourth issue, fifth issue, sixth issue, seventh issue, eighth issue, ninth issue and the tenth issue of YuvaConnect.

Maker Fest Vadodara 2023 e-Magazinenew

We are proud to announce the Magazine of the Fantastic Fifth Edition of Maker Fest Vadodara 2023!
This is more than just a magazine. It is a celebration of the maker spirit and a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to create something amazing. It is an ode to how ordinary people created extraordinary things.
We have showcased the most inspiring projects and the stories of their vision and inspiration and the challenges they faced and solved.
If you are passionate about innovation and love to explore new ideas, then this magazine is a must read!
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Recorded sessions now available on YouTube

Nothing to worry if you've missed any of our session. Now they are available on YouTube. Keep learning, keep growing.

Recorded Sessions on YouTube

Yuvalay Charitable Trust

Yuvalay Individual Development Center and Yuvalay Electronics Lab are run by Yuvalay Charitable Trust (Registration No. F/3312/Vadodara).

Yuvalay Electronics Lab

Yuvalay Electronics Lab offers a platform and eco-system to the students, hobbyists and professionals to understand and apply the theoretical knowledge of the subjects in the field of Electronics. It helps to convert the interest into the passion by providing a conducive environment to “learn-explore-innovate” under the guidance of experts.

Visit Yuvalay Elab

YEARN to LEARN (Y2L) - A Joint Initiative by Yuvalay and Lupin to provide Learning Platform for Students

A recent survey suggests that only 7% of graduate students are employable and this gap between academics and industry would be widespread across different steams of education. To find the connect between what is taught in the class and what we see in the in real world is important not only because it helps understand subject better but also serves as a medium for creating curiosity.

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