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People generally tend to get fascinated when they hear the name of big people like Mr. Ratan Tata, who made the significant difference in the status quo. They fail on learning and understanding on area of 'how', 'why' and with 'what' efforts Mr. Ratan Tata is 'Ratna' today. So, it becomes necessary to know about the journey of those who we admire and respect the most.

Know the untold story of Ratan Tata below- Not everyone knows the Rise of the Jewel of India. Know the Evolution and the Rising Journey reflecting lessons from life of one of the Gems of India... Amongst the Indian Business Tycoons 'Ratan Tata'.

The God of Corporate World, Mr. Ratan Tata says- Doing business is religious. Runs and Records can be broken but the Respect cannot be replaced. So, in business too everything should be fine and worthy which can bring out a real shine.

We want miracles to happen, but mostly all of us remain slaves of same strategies and same goals that other people also have. To be different and make difference- one should not wait for luck or miracles to happen by being in long line, but choose a right path of working uniquely to offer unique. Else it will be a case of being in a line for the food and when the turn come, the counter says sorry its over. Life and business should not be like this, we need to be tactful in arranging, managing and deciding our own fortune well. The example of his insult by Billford in the initial meeting was revealed after seven years..., Can we people imagine to sink the revenge even for a year??? Of course, no. And see, he bought the most popular ones- Jaguar and Landrover and gave the answer to the revenge in constructive way.

Whenever Ratan Tata meet JRD Tata they invariably asked "What’s New".
Lesson Ratan Tata learnt for JRD Tata is "Sense of Justice".
Dream for India: Prosperous India & opportunity for talent.
Ratan Tata by buying Jaguar & Land Rover took revenge of his & his team’s 10 years old insult by Ford company, but never boasted on it. The fact only was known when a team member shared it after 7 years of the revenge.

So, there are many lessons to be learnt from Ratan Tata the Ethical and a Visionary contributor to the Nation in form of good leadership, governance, innovation and captainship of the big business group that made him to be known as Indian Steve Jobs and a Corporate Gandhi.

20 Lessons from Ratan Tata

He worked at lowest level in Tata Steel at Jamshedpur for 7-8 years. Later he mentions them to be the most important years for learning. Ratan Tata was pass out from foreign university, he could have joined at a managerial position easily at any good firm but he believed that he can learn much if he starts from working at low level. He says, that while working with the workers and shop floor people he got many insightful experience.

He felt the Kick & Interest only when he was given challenging task to handle NELCO. Tata says when there is no tough game there is no life. It’s like he don't like easy things as they have no learning in it. 'When going gets tough, the tough gets going.' Never complain or curse by saying - 'Why only me' in the tough situations. But be happy and say 'Test me' and try. Challenges have the beautiful learning to better you.

Whenever Ratan Tata met JRD Tata they invariably asked “What’s New”. Always thinks & asks everyone to think new & creative. Roosevelt says- 'Little mind discuss people, average minds discuss events and the great minds discuss the ideas'.

Tata stands for Integrity. It is much thought provoking to reveal that Indians are very good at Individual performances but bad at working with others. Learn from Tata, he repeatedly reflects a very good statement- if you want to be fast, go alone but if you want to go far you need to have a good team. And remember, to be a good leader be a good team member first. Work in the interest with and for the team.

Coins makes louder sound than currency notes, likewise as you go up you must become more humble. Those who are low on values only get stuck up with attitude. Learn to work in silence and let your work's output speak for you. Tata believes in 'Take the stone thrown at you' and work upon for proving them wrong.

His famous quote says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Think Big & let people work for you. Tata asks to hire more people, it increases the productivity and the company gets higher benefit in the same time duration. Employing more people will be beneficial in utilizing their potentials for the company's objectives to be fulfilled.

World presents endless opportunity if you think global and he took Tata Global. Tata says, if you look global, opportunities will magnify. He also warns- if Indians don't think global, then global will enter and replace Indians.

In an relatively infamous incidence he decided to step down from a Pesticide Company as they did not think for the country first. Vivekananda says- If you do not pray and worship god, it will be okay but worship Motherland. Worship Bharat Mata (Bharat mata in context of all the people of country and the wellbeing) Work for nation and think for the nation is the by default role of any citizen before any other agendas.

He believes in working beyond comfort zone and taking calculated risk (he avoids speculation).

He is a man of Action. He once spoke he has a dream to launch car for every family and launched Nano. A promise is a promise; once you declare to do something it creates a need. And it becomes a responsibility to act upon it with full devotion and commitment.

His confidence is reflected in his quote “I don’t take right decision. I take decisions and then make it right”. The locus of control should lie in the not blaming others but seeing self in mirror. Need to have own set rules.

The announcement of Cyrus Mistry as his successor proved his commitment for competence. He was very much concerned with giving the weightage to the right person having right talent. 'Sense of Justice' is the beautiful and important lesson he learnt from JRD Tata.

His famous quote exemplifies this "Ups & downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in E.C.G. means we are not alive"

When asked by a student "Can we manage 2-3 startups?", he simply answered "You can manage 100 businesses" speaks it all. Classify the tasks on basis of when to do and what to do.

Ratan Tata has invested a lot in the business of future like Paytm, Snapdeal, Ola cabs among others. He never bothered upon one year profit, but what will the thing be after.

Tata is firm not to entertain corruption which they emphasized in their Tata Tea ad cum campaign "Jagoo re. . ." (khilaaenge to khaaengenaa... Khilana bandh to khaana bandh) People do participate in act if we do allow them to. They eat if we offer them, if we stop feeding them bribe they will not be able to eat.

The compassion of Ratan Tata surfaced after the Mumbai attack when he took personal care & attention for all the affected.

These were the last words of advice when he handed over the affairs to Cyrus Mistry.

Don’t live for self, live for others and make a difference in others life.

Ratan Tata & Mahatma Gandhi : Similarities

Ratan Tata epitomizes humility, integrity & compassion; it is worth noting that he is thus nicknamed as Corporate Gandhi. The following table shows a quick comparison for similarities among the two Indian Legends viz. Ratan Tata & Mahatma Gandhi.

Sr. No. Mahatma Gandhi Ratan Tata
1 Truth Ethics
2 Justice Justice from JRD Tata
3 Trusteeship Caretaker of Company
4 Nation first Nation First
5 Not for Photo or History Media Shy
6 Studied abroad Studied abroad
7 Simplicity Simplicity
8 Cleanliness Cleanliness & Organized day & work
9 Humble Humble
10 Inspire People Trust & Freedom in People

Ratan Tata & Steve Jobs : Similarities

Ratan Tata took Tata Group to new heights with his business acumen & globalized outlook, no wonder he is thus famously known as Steve Jobs of India. Under his leadership Tata group successfully completed 36 acquisitions, famous among them are Acquisition of Corus by Tata Steel, Tetley by Tata Tea & Jaguar and Land Rover by Tata Motors. The following table shows a quick comparison for similarities among the two Corporate Honchos viz. Ratan Tata & Steve Jobs.

Sr. No. Steve Jobs Ratan Tata
1 Put a dent in the universe Make a difference
2 Right a wrong Do what cant
3 Create New & Useful Reinvent
4 Think of Competition Differently Don't be afraid of Competition
5 Rebuild Apple Rebuild Tata
6 Do it fast Aggressive in Approach
7 Computer at Every home Car with every family
8 World's Thinnest Notebook World's Cheapest Car
9 Challenge the Status Quo Question the Unquestioned
10 Rebel Rebel

Ratan Tata funds & encourages number of startups which includes Paytm, Ola Cabs, Car Dekho, Snapdeal and Xiaomi Mobile among others.

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