Relationship Code

Unravel the secrets to your successful relations

We all know that relationship is the most important area of our life. Yet it is the most ignored area. Throughout our life, we are focused to make our career, learn to enhance our skills, work to earn money and create wealth. In this quest, we forget or take our relationships for granted. We all want to make our relationships better than before. During my coaching experience, I have come across so many clients who are multi billionaire, TV stars, and well qualified, educated professionals...their focus to success, fame and money is so much that they ignore the relationship area.

During my work experience, I have realized that each one of us have a unique code for our relationships. We may not be aware but we all deal and manage our relations with that same unique code.

When I experienced and observed such a big gap, I decided to work in the area of relationships. My mission is to transform the lives of 5 lac people over 5 years and help them in personal transformation. I help individuals in understanding their codes, find out how it works and if need be, they can re-program their codes to make their relationship a successful one.

THE RELATIONSHIP CODE is the key to decipher your relationships and make it better. It is a pathway to understand your relationship maps. It is a manual to know specific ingredients for your recipe. It is like knowing the rules of the game before you play.

I have come across thousands of stories of people who are not happy in their relationships and find a vacuum, emptiness in their heart. One such story is about a sister; in her late 40s who hasn’t spoken with her elder brother; in his early 50s since 15 years. When asked the reason, she said a very small situation happened and it was nobody’s fault. Both the siblings without listening to each other reacted, argued, blamed and fought with each other. Since then they don’t talk to each other, never seen or spoken on phone, no connection whatsoever.

Another story is about a daughter’ in her early 20s who hates her mother; in her early 40s. Daughter believes that her mother irritates her, gives no freedom, asks million questions and doesn’t understand her. Now the situation is, daughter has her own world which mother is not aware of and she hides, lies about everything.

I came across an interesting story (although interesting for me) of a husband and wife. When I spoke with the husband; in his late 50s who has only one goal in life i.e. how to change my wife? And the wife; in her early 50s has one goal in life i.e. how to be a rebel? And throughout their life, this power struggle, blaming each other and proving that ‘I am right’ they have done this and it still continues.

Similar stories of college friends, colleagues at work place, manager-subordinate only gave me a realization that they are not aware of their relationship codes. I wish if they knew it, their life would have been so meaningful. This is because we don’t realize but our relationships affects many aspects.

  • It affects other people in the family. Most affected people are children. We have no idea how badly they are coded right from that age when they witness relationship issues. And it reflects in their studies, health, actions and behavior.
  • It affects our health in many ways.
  • It affects our work, our productivity and eventually our progress in life.
  • It affects our career and growth as well.

It’s not about other person in a relationship; it’s about you, about your role in a relationship. It’s about are you comfortable when the person is with you. Are you happy with the person? Be who you are rather who other person wants you to be. When we are in a relationship; whichever relation it may be, we always refer to our experiences, our people whom we have observed, heard, felt. It shapes us and we behave exactly that same person. This makes us realize to choose our circle of influence carefully.

  • Our experiences shape us.
  • Our environment influences us.
  • Our thoughts and feelings build our beliefs.
  • Our decisions make us who we are.

Excerpts from the Talk at Yuvalay by Ms Bharti Naik who is Corporate Trainer and Relationship Strategist.

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